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S9 Ramnad red mundu chilli

S-9 Mundu Chilli

S-9 Mundu Chilli

Botanical Name
Capsicum annum L., Capsicum frutescens L.


Commercial Part
Green as well as ripe and dried pod (fruit)



S9 Ramnad red mundu chilli is a round shaped chilli , grown in ramnad district in tamilnadu,India, Its also called as ramnad S9 red mundu chilli. Especially, Mundu red chilli is very popular in south indian cuisine, It has a dark shiny & thick skin. Available with or without stem. These ramnad red mundu S9 chilli has a good flavor and aroma, exported worldwide. Also, Used for food coloring.
Our Mundu Chillis are available at competitive market prices. Botanical name of S9 Ramnad red mundu chilli is Capsicum annum L. & family name is Solanaceae.

Origin and Distribution

Chilly is reported to be a native of South America and is widely distributed in all tropical and sub tropical countries including India. It was first introduced in India by Portuguese towards the end of 15th Century. Now it is grown all over the world except in colder parts.


Due to high pungency, aroma & color Mundu chilli is very much suitable for Indian, Chinese, American, European, Thai, and Italian & Japanese Cuisines. The curry made in Mundu chilli not only looks rich but also gives mouth watering peppery Flavor. It is also used for the extraction and derivation of capsaicin.
It can use for as following
  • Red Chilies powder
  • Chilly oil
  • Chillie Capsicum

  • Mundu red Chilli with stem
  • Stemless Mundu dry red chilli
  • Crushed Mundu dry red chilli flakes
  • Dried red Mundu chilli pepper powder
  • Indian Name of Spices

  • Hindi : Lal mirch
  • Bengali : Lanka, Lankamorich
  • Gujarati : Marcha
  • Kannada : Mensina kai
  • Malayalam : Mulaku
  • Marathi : Mirchi
  • Oriya : Lanka
  • Punjabi : Lalmirch
  • Tamil : Milagay
  • Telugu : Mirapa kaya
  • Urdu : Lalmirch
  • Foreign Name of Spices

  • Spanish : Pimenton
  • French : Puvre de Guinee
  • German : Paprika
  • Arabic : Filfil Ahmar
  • Dutch : Spaanse Peper
  • Italian : Peperone
  • Portuguese : Pimento
  • Russian : Struchkovy pyeret
  • Japanese : Togarashi
  • Chinese : Hesiung Yali chiao
  • British : Chillies(Hot) Pepper(Sweet)
  • Why Us

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    Product Specifications

  • Product Name: S9 Ramnad red mundu chilli
  • Type: Round shaped, Yellowish red, Shiny & Medium pungency.
  • Length: 6 to 8 Cm (without stem)
  • Pungency (Heat): 10,000 – 30,000 SHU
  • Color: 32.95 ASTA
  • Capsaicin Content: 0.166%
  • Terms

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Bags
  • Packing: New Jute Gunny Bags
  • Packing Weight: 25.00 Kg or as per buyer's requirement
  • Delivery Terms: FOB,CIF
  • Delivery Time: Prompt Delivery
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C or Advance